Weekly Wisdom 3: Regain Your Childlike Nature

Life is not easy.

How can a person retain his innate childlike nature in the light of what life throws at us? One of my grandmother’s favorite phrases was, “God never told us that life is easy.”  The first of Buddha’s Four Noble Truths is that our existence is indelibly linked with suffering and pain. After all, the bottom line is that our physical bodies are bound to become ill and die. So many things plague us, push our buttons, demand our attention and sap our energy. People have to contend with all of the garbage, obstacles, explanations and threats our ego process comes up. We are constantly faced with tragedies, with threatening news and events and must deal with the necessity of earning a living, raising a family and much more.

Life remains an incredible challenge, notwithstanding all of the amenities of modern life many of us enjoy.  Therefore, it is not surprising that so many people try to distract themselves with various forms of entertainment and diversion.

Advantages of a child-like disposition

Nevertheless, you can exist, simply be, and live just like a child. A childlike disposition means being playful, means experiencing life profoundly with innocent eyes, and means being open to what life offers. In this state, we are not yet imprisoned by our egos and blinded by our fragmented vision of duality and separateness from the Oneness.

The naivete of the wondering child shows a natural, unprejudiced and clear consciousness when confronting life, sees itself as being undivided from the Oneness, and graciously accepts Beingness as it is. This childlike naivety embodies the amazed, inspired and innocent looks down the valley and up to the mountaintops. It neither compares nor focuses on differences and distinctions.

Become like little children.

The child who looks at life with clear but dreamy eyes has both feet firmly planted in the ground, is close to reality, and refuses to consider Existence as a mere object.  “Becoming like little children” means to live completely without intention, in innocence and by grace. It enables initiation into the ultimate mysteries of life. Doing so may involve simply standing enraptured in front of a work of art or a work of nature e.g. the web of a spider or the panorama of the sky.

A wise person has the eyes of a child, bowing his head before the wonders of Being.

The childlike nature is pure, innocent, completely whole and unspoiled by any arrogant categorizing of things. It does not differentiate, separate and divide.

Return to the innocence of the child.

Zen Master Genro Xuan Lou, Laoshi often said that he represents an “advertising campaign for bliss.” The pathless path along with our diligence, commitment, mediation and mindfulness will help us return to the naivety and innocence of the child. Be happy with your intellectual growth but keep a childlike and innocent disposition and spirit. Move as you used to move when you were a child and you will feel a lightness of Being. Unlimited energies will then flow from your inner center, causing you to live, love, laugh, dance and experience joy. In this state, you are now alert. You are now enjoying conscious blessedness and blissful awareness. And you will see that whatever happens has no power over us.

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