Weekly Wisdom 2: Are You Someone Special? (What About Oneness?)

We are generally brought up to believe we are someone unique and special. The media, popular culture and advertising reinforce this. Our individualistic society attaches great importance to people “getting their needs met”. They want to “do their own thing,” “unfold their personalities” and “be themselves” – instead of in the Oneness. And one of the most popular pastimes today is taking “selfies.”

Each individual is unique, but not in the way our society and the ego have led us to believe.

Separated from the Oneness.

You separate yourself from the wholeness of Existence, the Oneness, whenever you believe yourself to be someone special and unique. And when you believe you are limited to a certain function, role or position. You separate yourself from the Oneness whenever you believe you are someone with certain tasks to perform. Or that you have a very specific personal touch, special characteristics and individual talents. These beliefs make you the epitome of resistance instead of being whole and allowing the Self to live you.

Limiting yourself

We would deny ourselves the right to enjoy “eternal life” due to our desire to stand out and be an island onto ourselves. Egocentrically bloated, a person focuses on what “belongs” to him. Based on his own tiny self, strength and consciousness, he separates himself from others by wanting to “have.”

We do not gain anything by pursuing separation and isolation or by trying to “stand out” and “distinguish” ourselves from others. Your detachment from others and from the One may give you a supposedly distinct personality. However, in this case you are only part of the One. All suffering and pain come from our separating, distinguishing and distancing ourselves, so as to exist in a state of duality. Instead of focusing on our infinite and endless divine nature, we emphasize the nothingness of the roles we play in life. We even display this as the emblems and flagships of our supposed uniqueness.

If you are only part of the whole, you are only a paltry and measly attachment worried about the purpose and meaning of it all!

Be a Nobody!

Whoever surrenders to life will live it more fully. Giving up your ego means getting a real life. This is one in which we are neither alone nor lonely, but All-One, all-embracing. The fact of the matter is that there is only One. There is nothing outside of you because you have realized yourself and realize your-self in the Self. You are the all-encompassing Oneness, not the egoistic, body-based creature you thought you were.

If you allow yourself to be Nobody, everything belongs to you and is in you. You are in everything at that moment. There is nothing outside of you! There is also Nobody left who can be separate, for example, from the One Source of all Being.

What is to be done? What is meant by being a Nobody?

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