Publication of Find the Seeker!

Dear visitors:


We are pleased and humbled to announce the upcoming publication of the book “Find the Seeker! The pathless path to fulfillment and happiness” on January 23, 2018. It can be ordered as a paperback or e-book from physical bookstores or online retailers.

Find the Seeker! takes you on a inner pilgrimage. We are not offering you a wishy-washy quick fix, but rather a challenging, straight-talking but compassionate wake-up call designed to help you find out who you really are, and what your place in the universe is.

Focusing on the spiritual dimension all of us share, Find the Seeker! is for people of all faiths and confessions, for all those who have unanswered questions about humanity, spirituality and the meaning of life and who are interested in helping themselves.

We believe Find the Seeker! will be immensely uplifting and rewarding for you, and hope you will let work in you as a means of helping you to reboot your spiritual search and renew your life.

With a deep bow,

Genro Xuan Lou, Laoshi and Clifford Stevens

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